Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

But getting ready for this big event has breathed new life into this morgue of motors. Of course the question a lot of people are wondering, is how much will 60 57 Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 Price

Art Nordstrom's first car was a 57 Chevy. He immediately fell in love with the classic car, but little did he know at the time, the 57 Chevy would bring him more than a trunk full of memories. It's about to bring him a lot of money.

But these fins of the 50 have seen their better days, most don't run. But for the collector, this graveyard of rusted gears and chrome grills is sacred ground. Nordstrom has decided to part with a big piece of his past and auction off all 60. His wife Marie can't wait. She says, "Oh my it's been a mess. We didn't know what we're going to do with them, he just kept bringing them and pulling them back in the trees and I always wondered what the heck is he going to do with all this stuff."

And since Marie's a part of it, she's had the unenvious duty of finding all the titles. "Some of them are from 73 and they're dead you know, I asked this one person if he had ever heard of so, and so, and he said he died 20 years ago."

For the past 40 years, Nordstrom who owns an auto recycling center, has been collecting, not one, not two, but sixty 1957 Chevys.

Art says, "People from all over the country have called and asked now depends upon who comes and who doesn't but the auction will dictate what they're worth."

Art says, "I don't care what these can bring. No reserve, no consignment, it's just something Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways I can do. I got sixty 57's and I'm 60 years old and I'll never get a chance to do it again in a guys lifetime."

Art says, "I started looking around to find them, anyone I could find I bought. They were in all kinds of shape, some were wrecked, some stripped out, some complete."

Chevys bring?

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

For Nordstrom, these 57 Chevys Nike Airmax Uptempo Footlocker

gone, there's no looking back. Nordstrom plans to take his 57 Chevys for one last ride. Tuesday, he'll load up nine of the classic cars on the back of truck and ride through Sioux Falls.

may be a reflection of another time, but after they're Nike Legend Uptempo Basketball

57 Heaven

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

Yvette says, "The good thing about an auction is that anytime there's two people who want one thing it's whoever's got the bigger checkbook that's going to get it."

That's where his daughter Yvette comes in; she's a professional auctioneer.

From their chrome bullets to their tall tailfins, you won't find many cars like a 57 Chevy. Unless you're Art Nordstrom of Garretson. Art says, "There's just something about them you get a hold of that steering wheel."

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

If you're interested in the two day auction, it begins this Friday and runs through Saturday in Garretson. He plans to sell a total of 210 cars of all makes and models.

For years the Nordstrom?s just parked them in the trees. It made collectors mad.

Marie says, "I met a guy at an auction one time in Minneapolis, I know this, he called Art all kinds of swear words, he said I know this blah, blah, blah in South Dakota he's got all these 57s in his grove and he won't let anybody buy any. Hey that's my husband and I'm part of it."

Nike Air Max Uptempo 95 Colorways

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