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3. Falling prey to the "killer" misconception that "I shouldn't have to ask"

7. Not planning for tough realities ahead

If my brother were a good person, he would volunteer to help me and would know what to do. "Do you know how unreasonable it is to expect that?" Russo says. "It's akin to mind reading, but it's even Nike Uptempo Bulls

They may not mean to, but parents can divide their adult children, says Russo. Say, for example, that you fly in to visit your mother and she exclaims that your brother called her multiple times last week, then continues to sing his praises. "[How] does that make you feel, because you've just traveled 3,000 miles to see her?" It's also not uncommon for parents to tell children different versions of the how they're doing story, which can make for conflict. "The person who is nearby will probably be told the truth because Mom can't hide it." However, Mom might put on another face for a sibling visiting from out of town, since "nobody likes to be old and infirm and complaining." The visiting sibling may conclude that Mom's doing great and wonder, "What is my sister talking about?" says Russo.

"Give them a chance. Approach them as adults they may surprise you," she says.

A chief complaint of many caregivers is that their siblings criticize what they do, says Russo. However, research suggests that emotional support is the most crucial factor to a caregiver's well being, she says. If you do have a legitimate concern, phrase it delicately, she advises, to avoid its being interpreted as a slam. "What caregivers want is to be Nike Air More Uptempo Replica

9 Mistakes Adult Siblings Make When Parents Are Aging

Although it's rare for siblings to share parent care equally, it's a family responsibility, says Russo. Not treating it as such "will haunt you" later on, she says. Even if you live far away from your ailing parent, you can still help out. Nike Air More Uptempo Navy

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

Remember aunt so and so, and how our cousins were still fighting when she was on the respirator and they wouldn't let her die and how painful that was for everybody? We don't want that to happen in our family. Mom, Dad, do you have a living will? Have you assigned somebody to be the healthcare proxy? Though they may attempt to deflect such questions, Russo suggests nudging further.

If you were on a respirator or in really bad shape, would you want us to do everything possible, or would you just want to go quietly? Who should make that decision? We'll all want to do what's right, but we may have different feelings. "These things are so much easier if the parents lead the way," says Russo.

The big sister who always took care of everything may take on the bulk of the responsibility, while her little brother, out of habit, may let her do so unquestioningly. Beware of that magnet pulling you back to childhood. "Those roles can be very counterproductive," says Russo.

Below, she points out nine ways that adult siblings foul up when attempting to navigate this "new life crisis":

If you're the one bearing the brunt of your parent's care, perhaps you've thought:

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

6. Not realizing that your beef may be caused by your parent, not your sibling

in it together," she says. "They don't want to be alone."

5. Automatically reverting to childhood roles

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Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

a little bit more insidious than that." Why? It assumes that all siblings should feel the same way about their parent, she says, when really, each has a unique relationship with that parent and had a different role in the family growing up.

From ordering car service a couple times a week to paying bills online, anything that can be done via telephone or Internet is within your reach, she notes. Just calling your mom more often "so she's not so needy" can provide relief to the sibling carrying the heaviest load, says Russo, as can making the trip to be with your mom whenever possible, so your sibling can take time off.

4. Assuming that our siblings are the same people they were as kids

End of life care is something that few people like to think about, let alone discuss. Avoiding the subject until it's unavoidable, however, can be a "huge mistake" with devastating consequences for the sibling relationship, notes Russo. Her advice: Call a family meeting when your parents are still healthy. Such a conversation might start this way, she suggests:

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

1. Thinking that "if my sibling is doing Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink the parent care, I'm off the hook"

2. Not giving appreciation and emotional support to the main caregiver

Nike Air Uptempo Black And Pink

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