Nike Air Uptempo Qs

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

Jonathan Adams lives right in the center of the investigation.

The investigation is also taking longer because eight officers were involved, and they want to make sure as much information is gathered as possible to put together a complete report.

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

Division of Criminal Investigation agents and officers from several other agencies were still on the scene Thursday night, nearly 24 hours after the shooting.

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

"It's an expansive investigation area. We're looking at approximately a block area. It's not an isolated area like a house. It's also fairly expansive because of the number of shots involved," Jackley said.

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

Adams said the shots outside his window woke him up and at first it sounded like firecrackers.

"What we're trying to do is ascertain as much forensic type evidence as we can and piece that together with the witness statements," Jackley said. "So at the end we can provide as strong of a report as we can Nike Air More Uptempo Olympic For Sale

50 Rounds Found At Scene Of Shootout

officers and then fired at them. That's when police officers shot back. Thompson was taken to the hospital where he later died.

At least 50 rounds were fired during a late night shooting that involved several Sioux Falls Police officers and ended with the death of a Sioux Falls man. Wednesday. They tried to get him to put the gun down for several minutes, but he kept walking toward the Nike Air Uptempo Black

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

Every time there is a shooting that involves a law enforcement officer, the Attorney General conducts an investigation to see if the shooting was justified. But Attorney General Marty Jackley says this case is more complicated because it involves eight Sioux Falls Police officers and more than four dozen spent rounds that were fired during the exchange

"When I saw the lights in my window I went, 'Hmm. That's not firecrackers; that's gunfire,' and I should see what's going on," Adams said.

Jackley says so far investigators have found more than 50 spent gun casings that were fired during the deadly exchange.

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

as to whether or not the officers were justified in their actions, as well as if we need to make any improvements on the law enforcement end," Jackley said.

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

Officers could be Nike Air Uptempo Qs seen Thursday night looking at what appear to be bullet holes in the home next door to Adams' house.

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

"It was right in between me and my neighbor's house. So that was a Nike Air Max Uptempo Gs


Adams doesn't mind the extra officers in his neighborhood as long as they figure out exactly what unfolded outside his window.

"That's okay. I'm all about helping them out, seeing what's going on. I'm glad they're being thorough with whatever they're doing, so I'm sure they have to be out there for whatever reason," Adams said.

little weird. It hits home, but you're alright. Police are doing their thing so it'll be good," Adams said.

Nike Air Uptempo Qs

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