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are told this is not an emergency.

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

DNR says you can talk to the neighborhood association or the owner of the property to obtain permits to have someone come in and trap the gator.

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

8 foot gator spotted on Gator Hunt with News 12

Tina also tells us there is a bus stop just a few feet away from where we spotted the gator. "We'll keep an eye on it," says Chief Smith. He is concerned about the citizens in that area and wishes DNR would come out to get rid of the gator.

We tag along for a News 12, Burnettown PD Gator Hunt and Nike More Uptempo Red And White

So, News 12 made some phone calls to the DNR to find out why. They said, unless the gator is in someone's pool, on the porch or underneath a car, they do not deem the gator to be an immediate danger. At that point, it goes to a biologist who decides if it's an emergency, which we Nike Air More Uptempo Release Date Price

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

News 12 was able to find, along with Police Chief D. P. Smith, drags left in the dirt from the gator's tail. He's been there since Wednesday night, when he was first Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release spotted in another storm drain.

The gator is within a football field of a mobile home park and it's got a lot of people worried, but the Department of Natural Resources say it's not an immediate danger to people. or an emergency. We investigated to find out why they won't come out to help fix the problem.

For now, the gator is still on the loose and Tina thinks it's just too far away from it's real home, not it's current home near the storm drain and the Green Acres Park Lane area.

That gator was just feet away from News 12 and its cameras. It was so fast going back into a drain that we weren't able to capture it, but people did take pictures of the 8 footer as he stayed in the storm drain for hours.

While we were out there, Jyrell Shedd actually went in and stuck his camera into the same drain where the gator is. Chief Smith says do not go near that drain because those gators can move very, very fast.

within moments we spot the 8 footer's head.

Chief Smith called DNR after we spotted the gator, but they said they were not going to come out to trap and remove the gator.

"They're advising it's not that big of a deal," says Chief Smith.

DNR says they "rode by" and did not see the gator.

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

"It's too close to our homes, where out kids play," says Tina.

They tell us, if you leave the gator alone, it will just go back to where it belongs. They add, there are plenty of gators in that area and all across the state. DNR did say, because the media and other people were there checking out the gator, they sent someone out to "ride by."

lives with her 2 kids in the mobile home park.

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

"That's not very comforting," says Tina Torkkola, who Nike Uptempo Sale

Nike Air Uptempo Uk Release

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