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3. A contaminated goose eggThis was the Patrick Moore missed an edition of The Sky at Night for the first and only time in his life. The offending egg gave him a near fatal bout of food poisoning in July 2004. Co presenter Chris Lintott stood in for Moore.

2. Women"The trouble is that the BBC is now run by women and it shows," Moore complained in 2007. "Soap operas, cooking, quizzes, kitchen sink plays: you wouldn have had that in the golden days. There was one day [in 2005] when BBC News went on strike. Then we had the headlines read by a man, talking the Queen English, reading the news impeccably. Oh, for the good old days."

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His work as presenter of The Sky at Night and a populariser of science is well known. But his long life was full of outspoken obsessions and bizarre incidents, some more familiar than others. Here is a selection of them.

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Sir Patrick Moore, who has died at the age of 89, enjoyed a career rich in eccentricity and outrage.

10. EinsteinIn 2008 Moore recalled meeting the world famous physicist Albert Einstein in the 1940s. "I found him to be exactly what I expected; unworldly, communicative and blissfully unaware of his unique status. I remember asking him if he could explain in non mathematical terms, and he replied that he had never been able to do so in a way that would really satisfy him. Well, if Einstein couldn I am sure that nobody else can. One episode sticks in Nike Air Uptempo 96 White

5. The Halley clubThis was a not entirely serious organisation that Patrick Moore founded in 1999. In the words of Moore friend Norris McWhirter, the club had "no rules, no subscriptions, no aims or objects in fact you could call it the second most useless club in the world. After the European parliament, of course."

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one advantage over all the other parties they knew they were loonies".

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9. TeethPatrick Moore served as a navigator in the RAF during the second world war. He was caught in a plane crash that killed his pilot and co pilot, and which led to Moore losing all his teeth. He had them replaced, but it was a slightly botched operation that caused Moore to suffer from slight incoherence and slurring later in his life.

7. HuntingPatrick Moore remained opposed to all forms of hunting throughout his life. "You can argue with these filthy people," he once said of hunt supporters.

6. Germans"We must take care," Moore cautioned earlier this year. "There may be another war. The Nike Max Uptempo 97 Germans will try again, given another chance. A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut. And the only good Kraut is a dead Kraut. There can be good, free, honourable, decent Germans. I haven met them myself, but I sure they exist."

8. Fans"I answer all the letters as soon as I can," Moore revealed in 2008. "Many enquiries come from young enthusiasts, and it does give me immense pleasure to go round and find well known amateurs, and also well known professionals, who began by watching one of our programmes. My own research mapping the Moon now belongs to the past, and my role, if I Nike Air More Uptempo Cheap

11. Monster Raving Loony PartyPatrick Moore briefly held the position of finance minster for the Monster Raving Loony Party, explaining: "They had Nike Air More Uptempo Red White Release Date

have one, is to try and urge others to do things which I could never do myself. Whether or not I have succeeded must be left for others to judge."

13. Death"At my age I do what Mark Twain did," Moore once said: "I get my daily paper, look at the obituaries page and if I not there I carry on as usual."

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my mind: he was an expert violinist, and I accompanied him on the piano as he played Saint Sa The Swan. Oh for a tape of it but there were no tapes in those far off times!"

1. The United Country PartyThis was a very small right wing political organisation that formed in the late 1970s. It campaigned against immigration, inflation and trade unions. Patrick Moore was its chairman. But despite having such a prominent figure at its helm, the party could field only two candidates in the 1979 general election. The pair received 1,033 votes between them and both lost their deposit. The party merged with the New Britain Party in 1980.

13 outbursts and incidents

12. MarsThroughout his life Moore remained open minded about the existence of other life in the universe. "[The 21st] century will be very interesting," he forecast in 2008. "The first man on Mars has probably already been born, and we may have made contact with another life form from somewhere we can only see clearly from Earth in the sky at night."

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4. Tea"If aliens did ever make contact with me," Moore said in 2011, "I would say: would you like a cup of tea? I don think they be hostile. We are the hostile ones, with all our wars."

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