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million. He has set aside $30 million for any proposals that emerge during the coming session but noted that any idea "must be in the context of advancing our goals for Idaho's education system."

already leaving to go work in other states, doing the same job, but earning

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again. I don't know what it will take to get the Governors TM and

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"That goal and our proposals for achieving it have been enthusiastically embraced by the education community and employers," Otter told assembled House and Senate members, kicking off the 2014 Legislature.

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BOISE, Idaho (AP) Gov. "Butch" Otter said Monday he aims to boost spending on public schools by nearly 2.9 percent to $1.34 billion, though he won't set aside any cash for teacher pay raises.

pay raises in the future, that number will only get higher. Many are

Otter has been under pressure from business groups to further cut the state's corporate and business equipment tax. Cuts during the past two sessions have totaled about $55 Nike Uptempo Light Green

just this year alone, and most of it has been because of wages. With no

Legislatures TM attention. At our agency, we have lost 25% of our workforce

Instead of taking additional federal money to cover the health insurance program for the poor, elderly and disabled, Otter wants to make changes to the system first. That includes focusing on prevention and outcomes rather than the existing system that he says concentrates too much on payments for services.

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"My answer remains, not this year," Otter said.

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The biggest share of proposed new spending on K 12 schools $35 million for the year starting next July is meant to help districts pay for operations, including insurance and utilities.

8 percent hike in ed funding

necessary to keep the number of predators in check. Idaho now has 680 wolves.

The governor made the proposal in his fiscal year 2015 budget that would still leave public schools about $60 million short of the roughly $1.4 billion the state spent on the schools before the economic downturn that began in late 2007.

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Wow, no raises and an

significantly more. We are losing highly trained individuals and it will only cost more in the future to train new employees. In the last five years, state employees have taken a

For a second year, Otter used his speech to douse hopes of expanding eligibility in Idaho for the Medicaid health insurance program. Supreme Court left the decision up to states.

he said. "But the population is still growing, and our resources remain at risk."

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Amid a drought, he wants to dedicate $15 million for water projects, including final studies on a proposed dam on western Idaho's Weiser River, as well as boosting water storage capacity in the Island Park Reservoir in eastern Idaho.

Otter did say he wants to develop three regional behavioral health centers in Idaho Falls, Coeur d'Alene and Boise to help address mental health issues.

"It is a critical investment in our capacity for responsible future growth," he said.

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"We're managing them now, and they're a trophy hunting species," Nike More Uptempo Release Dates 2016

increase in insurance costs. Looks like state workers get passed over

Otter outlined his plan in his annual State of the State speech and also lauded members of a task force that came up with recommendations in 2012 to boost education with the goal of 60 percent of adults between 25 and 34 having a college degree or professional certification by 2020. The figure is now about 35 percent, according to state statistics.

"I'm sure some will argue that the proposals I'm putting forward today are Nike More Uptempo Blue not bold enough, not front loaded enough or simply not enough," he said. "But peaks and valleys are not the best way to manage any enterprise public or private. These proposed investments measured, manageable and within our means."

Otter called for $2 million for a new Wolf Control Fund, something he sees as Nike Air More Uptempo New Release

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Interfaith Equality Coalition is stepping up as well to allow the governing member's of Idaho to see clearly that the bygone era of preventing equality because someone seems different is not acceptable. Equality and Justice for All Idahoan's ! This is a voting year it is time to stand up for what is right no one deserves second class citizen status ! Gov Butch Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter please awaken to the truth that you are here to govern for ALL the people not just those few your party aligns with. If they were, they would have left the profession long ago. Teaching is one of the most underpaid professions for the education/work required. Especially in Idaho. "Operating costs" (cost of living) has increased for everyone, teachers included. And when teachers have to provide basic supplies for their classrooms out of their own pockets, something is dreadfully wrong. Teachers have sustained numerous pay cuts or increased class sizes and work loads. Everyone understands belt tightening during tough times, but it should be restored as things improve. Teachers are a critical part of society and they should be paid as the professionals they are. Or the money can be used to restore cut subjects or additional classes to reduce class size, which DOES increase education. Teachers have been vilified for politics and a push toward privatization. And look how that's turned out for the prisons. When the main objective becomes profit, then education becomes secondary. Yes, education is expensive, but not as expensive as an ignorant or uneducated society. And no, I'm not a teacher. I am just someone who values education tremendously and has great respect and appreciation for those who attempt to teach.

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