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The signature on the contract is that of Joel Hull, Norfolk County Council project director, residual waste services. But the council is quick to stress the signing was "essentially an administrative task" after the cabinet had given approval.

If you listen to council leader George Nobbs, the chief culprit is communities secretary Eric Pickles.

Officers were they right to recommend the incinerator contract?

Of more interest than whose signature is on the contract, is who drew it up. They were Mike Jackson (then the director of environment, transport and development), Victoria McNeill (head of law and monitoring officer), Harvey Bullen (corporate revenue manager), Mark Allen (assistant director, environment and waste, Paul Borrett (strategic waste manager) and the aforementioned Mr Hull.

MPs who lobbied the government to do so.

However, critics suggest that their decision to award the contract was flawed that the cabinet did not properly consider the risks of the 169m waste credits being lost if planning permission was

The scene at County Hall where the decision was announced to scrap the incinerator. Photo: Bill Smith

Public inquiry calls after plug finally pulled on Norfolk incinerator

But that's just one view.

But critics feel the spirit of that election manifesto pledge was not honoured. And the Conservatives argue yesterday's 'premature' decision to scrap the contract was where the mistake was really made.

Mr de Whalley claimed the Tory get together meant the subsequent public meeting was "a sham" and "a stage pantomine".

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Mr Nobbs insists "the first thing" the new administration did was to seek legal advice on whether the council could withdraw from the contract and officers told them there was Nike More Uptempo Price no easy way out.

Ultimately, the decisions over the incinerator have been made by county councillors. All have been taken after advice from officers.

But, to the disappointment of campaigners, it quickly became clear the administration was not simply going to rip up the contract.

Labour's manifesto had included a pledge to "use all legal means to suspend any plans for building any incinerators in Norfolk so that a detailed study of current, suitable methods of waste disposal can be undertaken".

Derrick Murphy, Bill Borrett, James Carswell, Harry Humphrey, Ian Mackie, Graham Plant, Ann Steward and Alison Thomas. David Harwood abstained.

There are others who argue the blame should rest variously with those officers who drew up the contract; with the councillors who agreed to award the contract; with those who decided to pursue incineration in the first place; with councillors who failed to scrap the incinerator sooner; with the government for withdrawing the waste Nike Uptempo 96 Men's

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At that meeting, a poll organised by West Norfolk Council, where 65,000 people said they did not want an incinerator, was rubbished by the cabinet as flawed.

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the contract "a pantomime".

not obtained by June last year, and did not scrutinise the compensation clauses worked into the contract effectively enough.

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Here, we look at where the finger has been pointed:

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Incinerator timeline

The court had heard that the March cabinet meeting was preceded by a Conservative group meeting of councillors, at which the party showed its "in principle support" for incineration.

Mr Nobbs said his delay in deciding whether the plant's planning permission should go ahead, has meant the value for the money of the scheme has plummeted.

The county council says there was additional support from other officers from environment, transport and development and the department of finance in the day to day delivery of the procurement process.

As far as the contract goes, members of the then Conservative cabinet, who agreed to award it to Cory Wheelabrator in March 7, were:

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infrastructure grant which would have helped pay for the plant or with Nike More Uptempo Red And White

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35m bill for the axed Norfolk incinerator

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It sparked an attempt, led by campaigner Michael de Whalley, for a judicial review into the decision.

Councillors did elected members make a mistake in signing up for the burner?

Opponents branded the meeting where councillors agreed to award Nike Uptempo Max 3

He argued the cabinet ignored a poll showing local objections and passed a "predetermined" decision.

When the new Labour/Liberal Democrat administration formed in May last year, campaigners against the plant hoped for a fresh chance to bin the burner.

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