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the decisions that are made along the way.

The LAO says the project could cost as much as $67 billion on the fact that the Fresno to Bakersfield segment, which the agency first estimated at $2.8 billion, is now estimated to cost $4.5 billion. Assuming the cost of the whole project is similarly off 57 percent, you get $67 billion. And most everybody expects the cost estimate to go up. But high speed rail backers say the LAO prediction of $67 billion is wildly oversimplified. Much of the real cost depends on all Nike Uptempo Olympic

Backers also believe that a new rail line will drive new kinds of land use and development, and new investment in public transportation, particularly in the car crazy southern Central Valley.

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California is also the last true high speed rail project that still kicking anywhere in the United States other proposed high speed projects have been derailed by politics in Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio.

Adding fuel to the skeptics fire was last month report from the California Legislative Analyst Office, questioning everything from the project cost estimates to the very existence of the HSRA governing board. The LAO said it would be a gamble to start Nike Air Max Uptempo Sale

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Nike More Uptempo White Red

How about the environmental impact?

The purpose of high speed rail is of course to get places faster, cheaper and more conveniently. But it also about economic development, connecting the Central Valley to the rest of the state and trying to loosen the grip of the automobile on our transportation policy.

In this year State of the Union address, President Barack Obama set an ambitious goal for high speed rail in America. 25 years, our goal is to give 80 percent of Americans access to high speed rail, which could allow you to go places in half the time it takes to travel by car, the president said. some trips, it will be faster than flying the pat down. we really count on more federal money?

As for Sacramento connection, right now, we more preoccupied with figuring out how to build a half billion dollar NBA arena than to plan for high speed rail the latter will probably have a greater impact on the region.

Because of the economy, and because of the GOP takeover of Congress, the political climate is turning against high speed rail just as it was beginning to gain speed in the United States. But stopping high speed rail in its tracks could cost us more than going forward. Highways aren cheap, neither is oil.

Daniel Krause, an urban planner and executive director of the group Californians for High Speed Rail, calls the bullet train transformative piece of infrastructure for the Central Valley. much will it cost to build?

are so many alternate alignments, said Roelof van Ark, executive director of the HSRA. When construction actually begins, van Ark says estimates will be more refined.

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Even supporters of high speed rail are looking for answers about the future of the ambitious project. So we hope this game of 20 Questions may help sort things out.

And the trains will run on electricity generated by renewable and low carbon sources, according to the HSRA.

The largest infrastructure project in the nation. The system will cover about 800 miles of track and directly connect two dozen cities in California.

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Probably not the $43 billion that the HSRA has outlined in its most recent business plan.

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too surprising those estimates would change. But that uncertainty only tends to stoke criticism that costs are out of control. 1A in 2008 (the measure included another $1 billion for local transit systems). Under the HSRA current business plan, another $17 billion to $19 billion would Nike More Uptempo White Red come from the federal government. About $4 billion to $5 billion from local governments, and private investment would provide $10 billion to $12 billion.

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When voters approved construction of high speed rail in 2008, they were making a big down payment on the future of California transportation system, economy and environment.


Will the trains levitate on magnetic fields?

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Since no one has ever built a high speed rail system in California before, it perhaps not Nike Air More Uptempo For Sale Red And White

That means a trip from Sacramento to Los Angeles in about two hours and 17 minutes. Los Angeles to San Francisco would take you about two hours and 40 minutes. Part of the appeal, of course, is connecting cities that aren practical for air travel. A trip to Fresno is about three hours by car, but would only be an hour from Sacramento by high speed rail. The measure also specified that it would first connect San Francisco to Los Angeles, and that this segment, called Phase I, would be completed by 2020. Phase II cities, including Sacramento and San Diego, are expected to come online as funding allows, possibly in 2025, probably later.

High speed rail uses about one third of the energy per person as air travel, and about one fifth of the energy used per person by car travel.

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Now that it time to start building high speed rail, the effort is bogging down in doubt and blame. No one is quite sure how much it will cost, or where the money will come from.

The HSRA estimates 450,000 permanent jobs will be created by the economic development that is spurred by the line.

20 Questions on California high

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