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Mr Rudd in Sydney today attended anniversary celebrations for the national apology to the stolen generation, a hallmark achievement of his brief turn as Prime Minister.

give a long interview on ABC TV.

7 kicks into gear as Gillard leaves the country

Over the past two months he has appeared at such venues as the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Mumbai, the Brookings Institute in Washington, and Beijing's National Defence University.

'Name names', Mr Rudd instructed the Crimes Commission from his studio chair.

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It is hugely unlikely Mr Rudd, who has repeated that he will not be challenging for the leadership and will fight to prevent Tony Abbott becoming Prime Minister, will heed the advice.

Quite obviously, he did not believe Mr Rudd was being disciplined. It was a warning that his one man Nike Air More Uptempo Mens

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His successor, Prime Minister Gillard, was in New Zealand for regular talks with her cross Tasman counterpart John Key. Guess where most of the attention would be?

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But the same could not be of his appearance on Seven's Sunrise Nike Shoes Uptempo

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The Prime Minister was exploring uranium sales to India and Mr Rudd was giving pointedly qualified support.

He travels overseas much more than your average backbencher, but happens to be home when Ms Gillard has packed her passport and flown away. And he lets people know it.

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he recently returned to his old TV stomping ground after six years away where he made pronouncements on the drugs in sport scandal as if he were a minister.

show was getting on the nerves of some Government figures.

He also had time to co host the TEN's The Project.

It would be unfair to suggest today's anniversary was a Rudd production designed to embarrass the Prime Minister and steal the spotlight.

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"Of course the conditions attached to that are quite formidable as the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister (Bob Carr) would be aware and that is to ensure that our bilateral safeguards agreement with India that all those conditions are met, including India's compliance with the requirements of what's called the nuclear suppliers group," he said.

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And remember another television appearance last October? Julia Gillard was in India and soon after her arrival Nike Uptempo Atlanta For Sale Mr Rudd agreed to Nike Air Max Uptempo 97 Ebay

In fact it was subtle perhaps too subtle advise to Mr Rudd to turn down the self promotion and ramp up the team play.

And while Ms Gillard is at home, Mr Rudd is likely to be overseas representing himself as a one man think tank, but looking very much like a minister without a portfolio.

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Mr Crean called for Mr Rudd to be a disciplined asset, saying, "I think if that combination of discipline plus the asset can be agreed upon, it would be a fantastic boost to our fortunes, and I would certainly advocate it."

Back home there is time to launch his election t shirt which has the slogan, "It's Our Ruddy Future", help clean up flood damage, and give a variety of speeches as well as re starting his Sunrise partnership with shadow minister Joe Hockey.

This week Regional Development Minister Simon Crean and Transport Minister Anthony Albanese urged the Government to use Mr Rudd as a campaign asset. It appeared to be an attempt to harness the energies of 'Rudd Inc' for the Government's good.

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