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report that's when they sent the dog to assist in the fleeing individual's apprehension.

"By the time I got up here, the dog had grabbed my leg, and then I started hitting it, and Nike Air More Uptempo Olympic Foot Locker

Vallian said deputies showed up shortly after the game finished, and said they started yelling to the group, "Put your hands up!" The teen said he didn't raise his hands because he didn't think deputies were talking to him because he hadn't done anything wrong.

the dog off, they put the 13 year old in handcuffs and took him away.

"What if they would have killed my child? What if that dog would have bit him in the wrong spot? Then I would have had to be that mother (that says) 'Oh my child dead because the dog bit him in the wrong spot because they had the wrong identity,'" Smith said.

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the officer grabbed my hand, and he slammed me," said Marquandre Vallian.

A witness at the scene provided the description of a person the witness said was threatening others with a pipe. Deputies indicated that they located an individual matching that description and attempted to arrest him, but the individual fled.

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Jackson said the dog held onto Vallian for about six minutes, and left behind several marks. She said when deputies took Nike Air Uptempo Usa

"I tried to get back up to run, and hit my back on the pipe, and that dog had locked on my leg again, and it started squeezing," Vallian said.

"What?" Smith said she told the deputy.

Although the family said deputies later admitted they had the wrong suspect, the teen is still charged with resisting arrest. Thirteen year old Marquandre Vallian said he's still sore and shaken up from being bitten by the K 9. Vallian said, when he saw the dog running toward him, he ran toward and climbed up a nearby metal pipe structure.

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Deputies Nike Uptempo Iridescent

Vallian's mother, Francheska Smith, said she rushed over to the sheriff's office as soon as she heard what had happened, and was furious with what a deputy told her.

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Nike Uptempo Ebay

"He trying to stop me from where we were going where my child at," Smith recalled.

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Smith said that is when the deputy told her, "But he's going to be arrested."

Smith tells KATC that, although her son wasn't the suspect witnesses said deputies had been seeking, her son was still charged with resisting an officer. Smith said she wants that charge dropped, and wants someone to be held accountable for what happened to her son.

"The dog came from one way, Nike Uptempo Ebay but another police came from the opposite way. He didn't put up a fight, he was in fear the child cried for his life," said Tambra Jackson, who saw the incident from several feet away.

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She said the deputy told her, "Oh we have the wrong child."

9 bites New Iberia 13

Witnesses said Vallian began to run only when the K 9 was headed in his direction.

KATC asked deputies if they had the wrong suspect and asked for an explanation of the protocol used when determining situations when a K 9 is released. However, the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office said that nothing more will be released "due to this being a misdemeanor offense involving a juvenile."

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