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APPENDIX D Ergonomic Functional ModelsIn accordance with the Treasury Board Secretariat Operational Security Standard on Physical Security, a Security Control Centre (SCC), whether proprietary or off site, is a focal point for monitoring various systems such an Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet electronic access control system (EAC), an electronic intrusion detection system (EID) and closed circuit video equipment (CCVE), environmental processes (EP) and industrial processes (IP). This centre will typically include other personal or life safety equipment such as a fire alarm panel. A control centre of this nature would typically only be used in larger facilities.

Control Room Operator an individual whose primary duties relate to the conduct of monitoring and control Nike Air Max Uptempo Pink

Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet

Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet

2. Scope

This revised guide supersedes the previously published guide of the same name. It has been developed to serve as a reference which can be used in determining minimum space requirements and ergonomic Human Machine Interface (HMI) conceptual designs when planning or designing a SCC (see Appendix A Sample Office Space Configurations). This guide is not intended to be a design standard nor a specification Mens Nike Uptempo 96

Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet

The operator and equipment should be out of the sight and audible range of the general public. The doors, door frames and locking hardware should provide protection against force attack. Refer to RCMP security guides G1 017, Hardware and G1 018, Doors and Frames.

Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet

Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet

security zone and must not contravene the life safety requirements of the National Building Code of Canada, the National Fire Code of Canada and related codes, standards and guidelines administered by the Federal Fire Protection Association (FFPA). Refer to RCMP security guide G1 010, Security Connotations of the 1995 National Building Code for more detailed information on typical National Building Code security related issues and to RCMP security guide G1 024, Control of Access for control of access issues.

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In developing this guide, possible layouts with nominal clearance for the equipment were considered. These were drawn to scale under each of the room categories then the space allocations were calculated.

functions, usually at a control workstation, either on their own or in conjunction with other personnel both within the control room or outside [source: ISO 11064 3].

The National Building Code requires that a room to house fire alarm controls and public address systems for evacuation purposes be set aside on the main entrance level of high rise buildings. Such rooms must be readily accessible to firefighters during fires. The building alarm monitors, fire alarms and evacuation systems should be located in the same room.

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The SCC must have some form of mechanical or electrical control of access into the Nike Uptempo Black Reflective

Control Room core functional entity, and its associated physical structure, where control room operators are stationed to carry out centralized control, monitoring and administrative responsibilities [source: ISO 11064 3].

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Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet

Control Centre combination of control rooms, control suites and local control stations which are functionally related and all on the same site [source: ISO 11064 3].

It is also important to acknowledge that, with the design of this type of specialized environment, it is necessary to involve specialists who are familiar with this type of project. Awareness of how a control center functions once the processes are defined is vital to the success of the project. Operational issues to consider include:

013 Security Control Centre Space Requirements

Control Workstation single or multiple working position, including all equipment such as computers and communication terminals and furniture at which control and monitoring functions are conducted [source: ISO 11064 3].

Local Control Station operator interface that is located near the equipment or system being monitored and/or controlled [source: ISO 11064 3].

The following issues should be taken into consideration:

for a particular location, system or network. A SCC is used to monitor and control the status of equipment or systems such as electronic access control (EAC), electronic intrusion detection systems (EID), duress alarms systems, biometric identification systems, closed circuit video equipment (CCVE), emergency communications systems (911), fire alarms systems, elevators control systems, etc. Refer to RCMP security guide G1 026, Guide to the Application of Physical Security Zones for more detailed information.

Control Suite group of functionally related rooms, co located with the control room, and including it, which house the supporting functions to the control room, such as related offices, equipment rooms, rest areas and training rooms [source: ISO 11064 3].

In some cases, a Sensitive Discussion Area (SDA) within the SCC needs to be designed and managed to prevent the overhearing of protected and classified information at various levels of sound attenuation. Refer to PWGSC, Speech Security: A Best Practice Guide (2002) for more detailed information.

Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet

Nike Uptempo Light Bone On Feet

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