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Parents are required to provide proof of address such as a utility or council tax bill and councils often check addresses against HM Revenue and Customs records.

"I feel sorry for the children involved because quite often they are the innocent party in all of this."

grammar school uniform in certain areas where I lived was bullied and treated like a pariah. It may still be going on. That is the nature of children who feel different and the the punishment for those daring to try to break out of limited environment. John is correct, education does begin at home and can only succeed if we educate that two parents are generally on average far better for raising children than one. Thank you TOM LOCAL, you have confirmed what I am seeing. Are they abusing the system though? Can we be sure therefore that proper checks are being made Mr Chips and TIM?

Mr Nichols said: "Now that admissions are controlled centrally by the city council, it has made it easier for schools. Previously, parents would come into schools demanding Nike Air More Uptempo Qs Atlanta

He said: "Regrettably some people do go to extreme and deceptive lengths to secure a place at their preferred school, denying those with a legitimate claim to a place in their local school.

"Our admission team always investigate any suggestion of fraudulent addresses and withdraws offers where necessary."

Lying on the forms to gain an "undeserved" place at a school contravenes section two of the Fraud Act 2006. The maximum penalty for false representation is a year in Women Nike Uptempo jail or a 5,000 fine.

John Port School, in Etwall, and Ecclesbourne School, are also over subscribed and have been targets for lying parents. Nineteen responses to date, all of them with mixed opinions.

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Women Nike Uptempo

A recent case in Harrow, where the council took a mother to court but later dropped the case, has prompted the Government to look at the problem more closely.

City council cabinet member for children and young people Councillor Les Allen said he could not comment on whether the council was prepared to prosecute parents until further discussions had taken place.

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Parents sometimes give the name and address of a relative in the catchment area.

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Where a council suspects parents of providing a false address, it usually withdraws the offer of a place without prosecuting. The place can Nike Air More Uptempo Black Volt

England's Schools Adjudicator will look at the scale of the problem and at powers to tackle cheats.

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be withdrawn even after a child starts the school.

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David Nichols, head teacher of Littleover Community School, said: "I think many parents would be quite shocked to find out what lengths other parents will go to get places.

A Derby parent who blew the whistle on another family said: "I suppose I can understand why some people feel compelled to do this.

"But it isn't fair to those people who play by the rules, or those who are prepared to move house to get into the school they want."

places and I was once even offered money to give someone a place but, of course, refused."

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To Tom in Sinfin, I would add , that any child who turned up in a Nike Air Uptempo White Red

Women Nike Uptempo

For "ANNOYED" of Heatherton who may have set up home there knowing his children are in the catchment for Littleover community school, I would add my anger to his, if my child was denied a place because some parents are being devious. The result was factionalism and disruptive behaviour. Kids bussed back to the Meadows waving the school and its core community effect goodbye. There were rarely friendships between kids of each community. This schooling issue is a difficult problem .

26 parents caught lying to get sought

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Where schools are over subscribed, a strict set of criteria is followed to decide which children get places. One is living in the school's catchment area.

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